Parking fine

Millions of people visit Amsterdam every year. The city was not built to handle the growing quantity of road traffic, however, so to keep it a pleasant, accessible place for visitors, residents and businesses alike, paid parking has been introduced in a large part of the city.

In order to maintain the accessibility and liveability of the city for everyone, the City Surveillance Service (Cition) enforces the parking regulations very strictly. Cars which are illegally parked or have repeatedly not paid to park (at least five unpaid parking fines) may be towed away by Dienst Stadstoezicht

Pay parking fine
Payment details to pay from abroad to the attention of:

Gemeente Amsterdam Dienst Belastingen, The Netherlands


IBAN: NL72 INGB 0004 5852 72


Attention: please do remember to mention the number (aanslagnummer) written on the receipt and your license plate number.




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